Introducing the Vera System

Vera is a structured platform for scaling and growing Tron Chain infrastructure. Its core component is a cohesive, flexible ecosystem framework that supports building a wide variety of applications for the diverse users who loved Tron at the time of its launch but only for the sake of the ecosystem. Tron is still too thin, leading to the presence of Tron being gradually forgotten. You can find out more at ( the link to Vera white paper).

Getting Started With Vera Ecosystem

Participating in Vera projects is easy. Set up your account unlock more features.

Vera Wallet

Vera Wallet is the official cryptocurrency wallet of Vera. Vera Wallet allows users to safely and conveniently store many of the major cryptocurrencies on the market. You can it easily on Google Play or App Store.

Vera Exchange

Vera Exchange is essentially a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to exchange Trc20 standard tokens. stake tokens to receive rewards, and participate in voting to govern decisions on the system based on the amount of VDT tokens you hold.

Vera AI Trader

Vera AI Trader is an artificial intelligence-powered application designed with an autonomous trading system in mind.
Users empower AI bots to trade by providing APIs, Bots give users the advantage of reviewing and making trading decisions based on real-time market information.

Vera Scan

Vera Scan is a blockchain explorer tool created for cross-platform use. Using Vera Scan will help to check a lot of information on the blockchain such as checking transactions, information about blocks, smart contacts, etc as well as track transactions on blockchain-based decentralized platforms. It can be used for cross-platform like Tron, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain.

Vera Ecosystem

Vera has quickly become one of the strongest contenders to Tron blockchain. At the moment we see increasing transaction volumes and unique active wallets, but this could very well be just the beginning of the Vera era. Although, currently there are over a hundred startups listed, a couple of projects are actively changing the leaderboard in the world of DeFi. Vera is one of them.



Quarter 02-2020

The Automated Trading A.I Vera Nelo Service established a research and development project.
Roadmap construction.

Quarter 3-2020

Trading testing the Automated Trading A.I Vera Nelo Service base on emulator software Beta version
Development the Vera Blockchain Protocol

Quarter 4-2020

Testnet the Automated Trading A.I Vera Nelo service Alpha version on the Binance Futures trading platform.
The final test of commercial version Nelo bot before release.

Quarter 1-2020

Launch of a commercial version of Bot Trading A.I Vera Nelo, users experience the trading direct transaction feature of the Nelo Bot on the derivative transaction Binance Futures
Update advanced features for the Automated Trading A.I Vera Nelo Service

Quarter 2-2021

Launch of Vera token on TRC official White Paper publication
Vera Wallet Decentralized e-wallet release Beta.

Quarter 3-2021

Issue VDT tokens on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) platform.
Marketing to promote VDT preparing for the listing of Pancakeswap.

Quarter 4-2021

Listing VDT tokens Pancakeswap.
Listing VDT on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.
Run VDT Airdrop campaign to attract users to experience Vera E-Wallet for the first time.
Divide rewards (dividends) to those who own VDT tokens for the first time (shareholders) on Vera E-Wallet.

Quarter 1-2022

Launching Vera Wallet - an all-in-one decentralized storage wallet on iOS and ANDROID, users start sending, swapping, or moving assets across protocols supported by Vera Wallet.
Additional spot trading feature for Bot A.I Nelo.

Quarter 2-2022

Buy and burn to circulate VDT for the first time.
Connect Vera E-Wallet to Metamask, BSC to Dex.
Run Airdrop & bounty campaign for Vera IDTO Launchpad platform.
Launched the Vera platform.

Quarter 3 and 4–2022

Announcement of mainnet node launch partners, release Vera Protocol mainnet.
Launch of the VDT staking platform, holders begin to stake VDT to participate in network validation in exchange for block rewards.
Launch of the Vera Ecosystem.
Route update.

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